What is the IABN?

The International Automatic Book Number is a free, public registry for EPUB digital books.

How does it work?

IABN saves the metadata from DRM-free EPUB documents and generates hash numbers which can be used for identification and integrity checks.

What are its advantages?

Who is using automatic IDs?

Digital distribution

Automatic IDs have been used for decades to generate Product Keys and integrity codes for digital products. They provide a procedure-free and expense-free solution for creating IDs and verifying data on the fly, without the mediation of any third party.

Text and multimedia applications

Many digital formats, like Microsoft™ .doc documents and .asf videos, already include automatically generated IDs. Amazon™ uses their own ID scheme for Kindle Direct Publishing ebooks. IABN proposes using SHA identifiers, which are an international standard and remove the need of modifying the original file.

Computer filesystems

Hash IDs are already an integral part of computing. Filesystems use them routinely to keep track of files and data. All operative systems include tools to calculate hash IDs.